NanoWorx was created out of the need for a company with products that actually work. At its core, the name says it all. NanoWorx is just that…a company with products that actually WORK…products you can FEEL making a difference! A company whose passion is to help those who need it and do so with 100% transparency, all while offering the best products available. Truthfully, we know that many companies are full of sub par products. NanoWorx products are sourced with the best ingredients available and while using our Nano CBD technology.


All CBD is not created equally. In fact, the World Health Organization recognizes that standard CBD Oil is only absorbed at 6%. That means if a bottle of traditional CBD oil is purchased for $100, only $6 of the $100 has any value. This is why we have spent years perfecting Nano CBD!

Two of the main benefits of Nano CBD are FASTER ACTING and GREATER ABSORPTION!

Nano, or Water Soluble CBD is absorbed 60%-80% greater than standard CBD oil. Not only is our Nano CBD absorbed at a greater rate, it’s also extremely fast acting! The reason for this is due to our particle size. The particle size of standard CBD oil is very large, so it goes straight to the liver to be metabolized. Our particle size is between 15-20nm allowing our CBD to be absorbed by the small intestine. This leads to almost immediate absorption. 

We have heard it time and time again…people who try NanoWorx CBD after trying standard CBD oil FEEL BETTER with NanoWorx! 


Nano-emulsification makes CBD particles small enough for your body to fully utilize them and reap the benefits. Because oil and water do not mix, it is essential for CBD particles to be processed and reduced to a size they can be absorbed at a cellular level.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have been using this technique to overcome this same challenge for decades. In the near future we predict that almost all cannabinoid-based products will be processed with Nano Emulsification equipment as the benefits are just so superior to traditional oil.

Why would you take a supplement where 90% is wasted and not even absorbed, when you could take a supplement where 90% is absorbed.